Dollar Store Return Policy

Dollar Store Return Policy

For obvious reasons, most stores are focusing enough on practicing a good customer service, particularly to improve sales. However, customer service does not end once the purchase has been made. At least, it should not. The returns or refunds at that time when customers or clients effectively tell the stores that their sale transactions fail, that they have found something that is better than them or better price that what they have, is the tests for a retailer. In fact, according to a research, it is a test which usually fail by the retailers. When that happened, shoppers always feel tricked, then business suffers.

Dollar General

The satisfaction of every customer or client is very important, that’s why there is dollar general return policy. So, if a customer need to return the items that he or she has purchased, their refund would be processed based on the policies below. If the items are gift, the store credits would be issued in the original purchasers or buyers. Items that have been bought at the retail stores might just be returned or refund to the retail stores within thirty days of original date they were purchased.

The items should be returned or refunded with the receipts and in their original packaging as well. If possible, the items should have will every paperwork or accessories. Additionally, the items that have been purchased online can only be refunded or returned to a Dollar General distribution center online, printed on their packaging slips within thirty days from the original date you have purchased the items. You might utilize one or 3 return carrier choices which are: US Pots Office, US Postal Service or Federal Express through Insured Parcel Posts. The return parcels must include:

  • All the paperwork & accessories received along with the items.
  • The bottom portions of the order numbers or packaging slip, address and billing name.
  • The items, in their original packaging upon purchase; if possible.


You may also receive credits of the price purchase to similar method of charge. Shipping charge is non-refundable, except the items are being returned or refunded due to the manufacturing defects or the shipping errors. If the items you have purchased arrived with defects or damages acquired during the shipping process, you can immediately contact the Customer Service Support Center for further clarifications and instructions.

While most of the stores or retailers do the best thing that they could do to provide a good service to their customers, shoppers should also do the same. What with a tougher rise of return policies, it is worse approach these days. Besides, being very careful to what you are buying is such a very important matter to be done. These are some of the very simple tips that every shopper could take in-order-to lessen the store returns agony:

  • Keep tab on receipts
  • Always check store return policies
  • Be prepared enough before returning the item

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Protecting the Safety of Shoppers & Associates

  • NEW – Plexiglass Guards: We have installed plexiglass guards at cash registers in all of our stores to help shield our shoppers and cashiers from the spread of germs.
  • NEWAssociate Health Screenings: We have implemented an Associate Health Screening Program that includes a self-assessment process for Associates to monitor their health two hours before every shift, as well as a health questionnaire to be used upon arrival at work.
  • Cleaning Protocols: We continue to provide our store teams with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to clean throughout the store daily with high frequency. Following CDC-recommended cleaning guidelines, our Associates continually wipe down common areas and surfaces such as door handles, shopping carts and baskets, keypads, and register counters.
  • Social Distancing: Our store Associates are practicing social distancing, as recommended by the CDC, and we continue to ask that our customers also follow social distancing measures, maintaining at least six feet between yourself and other shoppers and Associates — especially in the checkout lines where the spacing has been marked for you.
  • Face Masks & Gloves: We are providing non-medical face masks and gloves to all Associates to wear during their shifts. Associates may also choose to wear their own gloves and cloth face coverings.
    Early Shopping for At-Risk Customers: We continue to dedicate the first shopping hour to our at-risk customers, including senior citizens, individuals with pre-existing health conditions, and pregnant women.

Please visit COVID-19 return policy and procedures.

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