Game Stop Return Policy

Is it worth purchasing items at Game Stop if you do not know their Return Policy?

  • It’s best to know what the rules are before actually purchasing at any store especially when purchasing electronics at Game Stop. Knowing exactly before you by can save you a lot of head aches, and especially your pockets.
  • Game stop is well known for video games and video game consoles. You can purchase, trade, or get cash for your old video games. They have many locations in the United States. So when purchasing products from Game Stop what exactly are the rules for returning your items back to the store?
  • We set out to find the answer to the million dollar question. What we found was very informative.

Game Stops Rules on Returning New and Used items


  • Accepting returns and exchanges on a limited basis for only credit or credit card returns.
  • Accepting trades of current-gen games, hardware/consoles, controllers, headsets, and phones. All items will be disinfected for customer and store associate safety.
  • Continuing to offer contactless Delivery@Door pick-up at select stores for online purchases, through the GameStop mobile app or by contacting your local store.
  • Store associates conducting daily pre-work health self-assessments
  • To ensure the safest possible environment, all guests will be required to wear a face mask/covering while inside a GameStop store. Our associates will also wear a face mask/covering at all times. We also encourage guests to utilize the hand sanitizing station found in each store.
  • Displaying in-store visual cues to support social distancing & no more than 5 customers in the store at a time

Game Stop Store Return Policy

  • You must have a receipt for all returns or exchange
  • If you have unopened new merchandise you get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. (except tablets)
  • An opened new merchandise purchase can expect an identical exchange within 30 days of purchase including tablets.
  • New accessories (opened or unopened) = full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • Unopened new tablets = full refund within 14 days of purchase.

If you Purchase a New Item – Unopened

When purchasing a new game or video game console that is unopened the stores return policy from Game Stop is:

  • Remember you must produce a receipt of purchase
  • If unopened, you will receive a full refund in 30 days of purchase.

If you purchase a new item that is opened the policy is:

  • You get an identical exchange only, and that does include tablets.

If you purchase a Used Item

When purchasing a used game or video game console from Game Stop the return policy is:

  • Pre-owned merchandise will receive a full refund within 7 days of purchase or identical exchange within 30 days of purchase.

If you purchase a new product online the rules are simple

If you purchase or download a game online you will not be eligible for any cash back or credit.

Here is the official text from the stores website:

  •  Downloadable Content (DLC), Digital Games and/or PC Downloads = no returns or exchanges.

Products Purchased Online

Return to

If you purchase an item from you can return items to your local GameStop store. This means any online purchase that is made will be able to be returned to a local store.

If you return to online:

  • Send the packing list sheet for the returned items.
  • Let them know what the reason for the return is.
  • Send all returned items to the address on the return shipping label.

Return to any GameStop store

  •  Store return policies may vary and are subject to manager approval.

Game Stop Return Policy Review

We personally purchased many video games and consoles from Game Stop. We think they have a fair return policy. Always keep your receipt and maintain any packaging in as new condition. This will always help your cause and give you an upper hand.


  • When you return an item to Game Stop refunds are issued in the original payment type.
  • Cash purchases over $150 are subject to a refund by check
  • Gift receipts will only receive an exchange or a gift card of equal value.

Ultimately Game Stop can reserve the right to refuse any return you make for any reason.

Always be courteous to the store employees and management.

  1. Make sure you keep your receipt in a secure place.
  2. Remember where you put your receipt.
  3. Take a screen shot of your receipt if you tend to misplace your store receipts often.

If all else fails and you are still not happy, try contacting Game Stop at 1-800-883-8895

For more information visit this Official Game Stop PDF and Game Stop’s Store Return Policy page.


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